Greenland Highlights Winter Tour - GRL223

This tour takes winter wonderland to a whole new level of epic. Greenland’s snow covered mountains, traditional dog sledding, remote villages, and colorful houses nestled along the coastline are just some of the highlights on this Arctic adventure. Short days and long nights increase your chances of seeing the mesmerizing Northern Lights, a natural phenomenon whose appearance varies with the weather conditions.

Tour type: Dog-sledding discovery tour and cultural exploration of Inuit village life




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Adult: 167000

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What's included: Helicopter transfer between Kulusuk and Tasiilaq, Excursions according to itinerary, accommodation in double occupancy rooms, pick up/drop off in Tasiilaq heliport and full board

Departures: March and April

Duration: 4 days, 3 nights

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Meeting point: This tour starts and ends at Kulusuk Airport

Group size: 2-10 participants

Language: English

  • Tour Description

    Highlights of the Tour

    • Dog sledding Adventure

    • An insiders experience of Inuit Hunters Village

    • Great chances of seeing the Northern Lights

    Your journey starts with a direct flight from Reykjavík to Kulusuk. You will then travel by helicopter to Tasiilaq to meet your host.

    For three nights you will reside in a cozy guesthouse in Tasiilaq, the main town of East Greenland (app. 2000 inhabitants). There, you will experience how modern times lives side by side with the traditional Inuit hunters lifestyle - you are just as likely to meet hunters on dogsleds as on snowmobiles. During a visit to a local museum in the town, you will get a deeper understanding of life in the Arctic and the Inuit traditions that are still highly valued in Greenland today.

    Keep a lookout for clear skies because the Northern Lights might put on a show, and you have three nights to catch them!

    Included: Helicopter between Kulusuk and Tasiilaq, excursions according to itinerary, accommodation in guesthouse (double occupancy in twin room), full board.

    It is possible to extend the trip if you want more time in Tasiilaq and surroundings, please contact us for more information.

    Hotel accommodation is also an option. Contact us to check for price and availability.

    Not included: Flights from Reykjavík - Kulusuk and from Kulusuk - Reykjavík (can be added on the first and last day of the tour).

    If you have more questions, you can check our FAQs  and see if you can find the answers. If not, just contact us:

    This tour is semi-guided, meaning there will be a host waiting for you in Tasiilaq, who will pick you up at the airport and take you to the guesthouse. They will brief you on the tour itinerary, and make sure that you know where to be for the different excursions and guided walks.

  • Tour Itinerary

    Day 1: Kulusuk - Tasiilaq

    Shortly after you arrive to Kulusuk from Reykjavik, you will board a helicopter that takes you to Tasiilaq at the Ammassalik Island. Here, you meet your host who will drive you to your guesthouse. After a briefing and lunch, it is time to get into your warm clothing and go visit the Greenlandic sled dogs. These are not for petting, but maybe there will be a puppy that you will get a chance to hug. 

    Dinner will be served in your guesthouse, and if the weather allows, you will go hunting for the Northern Lights in the evening.

    Day 2: Dog Sledding

    Today, we head out early for a dog sledding tour through the Safrigai trek to the Safrigai Fjord. The speed and tempo of the dog sled gliding across the snow and ice will make you feel like you are traveling back in time on this tour. As the town quickly fades into the distance behind you, the only sound you hear is the rhythm of the dogs breathing in unison and their feet pounding the snow packed landscape.  The wind is whirling past your face and the smell of crisp, mountain air fills your lungs. There is a high chance that you will pass several fishermen utilizing traditional techniques and tools to catch fish for their communities.  At the top of a hill, we dismount the sled to take in the view. Your eyes will widen with awe as you take in immense amount of sea ice that has traveled to this area from the North Pole. The calming silence and picturesque scenery amplifies why Greenland is considered one of the most magnificent places in the world for nature lovers.  

    After hopping back on the sled, we descend the hill to enter the Safrigai Fjord*.  On this ride you will experience the magnificent power of sled dogs as they charge ahead at full speed. Our expert mushers have perfected the art of safely maneuvering the sleds at this speed. This comfortable and safe joy ride is only topped by incredible view at the bottom of the descent.  We take a short break for lunch packs, hot chocolate, tea or coffee that was brought along with us before heading to the coast of the island to capture stunning photos of icebergs, towering mountains and flowing ice sheets. On the journey back to Tasiilaq, we are greeted by the iconic mountain of Polheim on the right. By afternoon, we are back in town, heads still swirling from the adventure out in the wild. You will have the rest of the day at your disposal to relax, reminisce about your experience, and reenergize for the next days activity.

    *If weather conditions do not allow us to travel the Safrigai fjord,  there are many other lovely destinations on the Ammassalik Island, and your musher will show you a number of beautiful sights.

    Day 3: Cultural Exploration & Snowshoeing

    After breakfast, your host will take you on a walk around town for some cultural exploration. During the walk you will visit the Ammassalik Museum located in the old church by the harbor. The museum will give you a glimpse into the rich Inuit history that has shaped the culture and communities in Greenland.  After the guided walk, you will fill up on some delicious lunch in the guesthouse. Make sure you are fueled up because in the afternoon you are setting off for a beautiful winter hike on snowshoes in the mountainous area around Tasiilaq. There, you will experience unrivalled views of the polar sea, scattered icebergs and pack ice. You will have certainly worked up an appetite after the hike and on our return to town, we satisfy our hunger at dinner. It is your last night in Greenland and we recommend keeping your eyes on the sky.  The Northern Lights might make an appearance and show off why they have been mesmerizing viewers for ages.

    Day 4: Heading back to Reykjavík

    It has been three days of discovering the magic of Greenland’s winter highlights. After breakfast, it is time to pack your bags and meet your host, who will drive you to the heliport. As you settle into your seat and fly over the sea to Kulusuk, you can let your mind drift back to the serene nature that you were immersed in and know that you have witnessed a place unlike any other on the earth.

    When you arrive in Kulusuk, you will board a plane back to Reykjavík in Iceland, another unique and spellbinding country.


    *Please note - Greenland weather conditions can be unpredictable. We do our best to adhere to the tour itinerary and dates but flexibility, when it comes to adjusting plans, is sometimes necessary.  


  • Optional Activities


    Sometimes 4 days is not enough. If you wish to extend your stay, there are plenty of things to explore and experience. Here are a few. Contact us to set it up:


    Dogsledding with husky dogs in Greenland in Winter
    Photo: Mads Phil, Visit Greenland

    Dog sledding is not only a very practical way of hunting and commuting in East Greenland, but also a very popular past time activity. This tradition, which dates back 2000 years, is still very much alive in the area and young boys (and a few girls) grow up learning the skills. You, the dog-team and their musher will slide through the frozen fjords and snowy hills and explore the area around Tasiilaq.

    Full day Dog Sled excursion
    Price: 480 Euros per person (minimum 2 pers)

    Four hour Dog Sled trip
    Price : 250 Euros per person (minimum 2 pers)


    Snowmobiling in Greenland Winter activities
    Photo: Mads Phil, Visit Greenland

    Snowmobiles are becominng equally important to the life of the modern Greenlander. If you want to go fast and go far, this is probably what you should do!

    Full day Snowmobile tour 
    Price: 240 Euros per person

    Half day Snowmobile tour
    Price: 130 Euros per person


    Snowmobiling in Greenland Winter activities
    Photo: Mads Phil, Visit Greenland

    Now, hiking is always an option, and in thick snow like Greenland often has to offer, snowshoes can make that hike alot more comfortable and fun.  They are the clip-on spades that use to look like tennis rackets. They are a bit more technical these days though" Have you tried them?

    Half day Snowshoe hike
    Price: 80 Euros per person

    Contact us to set it up:

  • Departure Dates
    Tour Dates Availability Language  
    10.03 - 13.03 2018 Confirmed Departure English Request this date
    16.03 - 19.03 2018 Two needed to confirm English Request this date
    24.03 - 27.03 2018 Full English
    06.04 - 09.04 2018 Two needed to confirm English Request this date
    13.04 - 16.04 2018 Two needed to confirm English Request this date

For availability and more information about this tour please contact us.