Best of South Greenland- AY95

On this 11 day long tour we hike along country roads and trails that have a panoramic view over the enormous fjord and its floating icebergs, and breathe in the landscape and history of the site. An experience that is hard to forget!

Photo:  Mads Pihl
Photo:  Josepha Katarina Thomsen
Photo:  Mads Pihl
Photo:  Mads Pihl
Photo:  Josepha Katarina Thomsen
Photo:  Mads Pihl
Photo:  Andre Burgherr
Photo:  Josepha Katarina Thomsen
Photo:  Andre Burgherr
Photo:  Mads Pihl
Photo:  Mads Pihl
Photo:  Mads Pihl
Photo:  Andre Burgherr
Photo:  Mads Pihl
Photo:  Mads Pihl
Photo:  Mads Pihl
Photo:  Mads Pihl

Tour type: Trekking tour from accommodation to accommodation




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What's included: Guide, Food for 11 days, transfers, accommodation, Kaffemik with a Greenlandic family, excursions according to program.

Departures: 8th July, 22nd July, 5th August, 19th August 2017

Duration: 11 days

Accommodation: Hostel/guesthouse/huts

Meeting point: Starts and ends in Narsarsuaq

Group size: Min. 8, max. 12 participants

Language: English

Walking per day: 5-7 hours (active walking)

  • Tour Description

    Highlights of the Tour

    • Trekking among Blue Ice and Green Hills
    • Norse History and Glacier Fronts
    • A Taste of Inuit Tradition and Everyday Life

    South Greenland is a land of jagged mountains and green meadows. A spectacular scenery that gives us the perfect surroundings for a great trekking tour. In Greenland you will soon experience the strong ties of the South Greenlandic culture to the Norsemen that lived in the area hundreds of years ago. During the nearly five centuries that the Norsemen spent in Greenland, they built churches, farms and had fields growing crops in most of southwestern Greenland. On this tour we hike along country roads and trails that have a panoramic view over the enormous fjord and its floating icebergs, and breathe in the landscape and history of the site. An experience that is hard to forget!

    • All accommodation in hostels/guesthouses, shared rooms and bathrooms, use of own sleeping bag (can be rented in Greenland, contact your agency for details)
    • Full board, from dinner day 1 to breakfast day 11, except lunch & dinner in Qaqortoq
    • All boat transfers mentioned in the program
    • Luggage transfers according to program
    • Kaffeemik with a Greenlandic family
    • Excursions according to program
    • Experienced guide (English speaking)
    Not Included
    • Flights between Narsarsuaq and Reykjavik (can be added on the first and last day of the tour. Contact us for booking of flights)
    • Dinner in Qaqortoq
    • Optional excursions
    • Entries to museums
    • Sleeping bag (can be rented in Greenland, ask your agency for details)
    • Travel insurance
    • Expenses derived from unexpected bad weather or delays in flights or boats
    • Anything not mentioned in "Included"

    Flights for Keflavik-Narsarsuaq-Keflavik are from 858 Euros. The price depends on the available flight seat on the concerned date. 


  • Tour Itinerary

    Day 1 (Saturday): Flight Reykjavik – Narsarsuaq
    Arrival at the airport in Narsarsuaq where we will meet our guide. Transfer to our accommodation for check. After  a briefing about the trip we are about to start we start to explore Narsarsuaq.
    Narsarsuaq is as all airports in Greenland a former US military base. The small local museum based on voluntary work features many artefacts of the time and also a small exhibition on the first Viking settlers. A short hike leads us up to the Signal Hill, the former US radio station, the path winding through lush vegetation up the hill including birch trees as tall as a man – a fact seeming normal to you but a rarity in Greenland. We will enjoy our first view of glaciers, icebergs and fjords.
    Meals included: Dinner
    Accommodation: Hostel/Guesthouse in Narsarsuaq

    Day 2 (Sunday): Tasiusaq, the “Iceberg Bay”
    From our accommodation we direct ourselves to the harbour where a boat brings us to Qassiarsuk, just across the fjord. We will start hiking towards the minuscule village of Tasiusaq on the other side of the peninsula, comprised only of two sheep farms. Our luggage will be transported by car so we can fully enjoy the hike with just a light day backpack. We follow sheep trails up and down the green hills, passing small lakes, accompanied only by the curious stares of the sheep roaming the mountains freely during the summer months. Sea eagles are common sights in this part of the country as well as peregrine falcons.
    The walk is about 8 km and takes about 3 hours.
    Tasiusaq is beautifully located on the branch of a bigger fjord, almost always filled with icebergs of all shapes and sizes.
    In the afternoon we will try our luck in catching our dinner in one of the rivers. Fishes are abundant in the rivers of the South, Arctic char and trout the most common species. From late July on we can also collect delicious blue berries that grow in the area.
    Meals included: Full board
    Accommodation: Hostel/farm in Tasiusaq/Nunataaq

    Day 3 (Monday): Exploring the iceberg bay around Tasiusaq
    Today we will explore this beautiful part of South Greenland a little bit more. Leaving our bags at our accommodation we go on a day trek following the shore line of Tasiusaq bay through fantastic scenery of fjords and mountains. At the end the spectacular view on the Eqalorutsit glacier will be the highlight of today's hike.
    We hike the same way back.
    In Tasiusaq you'll have the possibility to experience a real Greenlandic tradition: a Kaffeemik in the house of a Greenlandic familiy where people get together over coffee and self made cakes.
    Meals included: Full board
    Accommodation: Hostel/farm in Tasiusaq/Nunataaq

    Day 4 (Tuesday): Qassiarsuk and “Viking Greenland”
    In the morning we'll hike back to Qassiarsuk taking a different path than the one we came (approx. 10 km). Our luggage will again be transported by car.
    Qassiarsuk, also known as Brattahlid in the old Norse language, was the place where the first European, the Viking Erik the Red, and his fellow men settled in 982 a.D. The small sheep farming village is beautifully situated on the fjord named after Erik amidst fertile green hills. Strolling through the village and its surroundings we'll get a good impression of typical rural life in Greenland today. We will visit ruins of the Viking farmsteads as well as the reconstructions of a typical Viking long house and the chapel that Thjodhild, Erik's wife and the first of the Vikings converting to Christianity, had her husband built. It was also from Qassiarsuk that Leif Eriksson, Erik's son, started his journey west to become the first European touching American earth, long before Columbus. We will hear all about those interesting times on site from our guide.
    Meals included: Full board
    Accommodation: Hostel/farm/guesthouse in Qassiarsuk

    Day 5 (Wednesday): Qoorooq Ice Fjord and Picturesque Igaliku
    In the morning, on our way to Itilleq by boat, we will enjoy one of the most fantastic excursions in South Greenland, “Qooroq Ice Fjord”, with its many floating icebergs forming an almost perfect half circle at the entrance of the fjord and the chance for a drink with original glacier ice, thousands of years old!
    Once we arrive in Itilleq, we walk the “King's Path” to Igaliku on the other side of the peninsula (approx. 4 km).
    Igaliku is often referred to as South Greenland's most beautiful village. Indeed, the colourful houses nestled smoothly into the fertile green landscape next to the blue waters of the fjord with the arid mountain range in the back are a picturesque sight. Igaliku, named Gardar in the Norse language, was the bishop's seat in Viking times. We will visit the ruins of the ancient cathedral as well as the little museum in the church telling us about Igaliku's more recent history as a thriving sheep farming village.
    Meals included: Full board
    Accommodation: Hostel/Guesthouse in Igaliku

    Day 6 (Thursday): Trekking in the Igaliku area
    The area of Igaliku offers plenty of beautiful hiking options. We can for example chose the trail leading us to a waterfall or the one up to the plateau with a fantastic view on the Qoorooq fjord and its trapped icebergs. On the way we'll look out for mineral stones like the shimmering moon stone, which are found frequently in the area.
    From mid-August we will look up at night, In search of the famous Northern Lights. In 2017 solar activity is still at its maximum and the chances of seeing them are very high (as long as weather conditions are favourable)!
    Meals included: Full Bboard
    Accommodation: Hostel/Guesthouse in Igaliku

    Day 7 (Friday): Qaleralik fjord Glacier Fronts
    After breakfast we'll hike back the King's Path to Itilleq, our bags transported by car. From there the boat takes us in a two hour voyage on Erik's fjord among floating icebergs to Qaleralik. On the way we look out for seals that sometimes use the icebergs for a relaxing sun bath.
    Qaleralik is the Inuit word for flounder but the frequent occurrence of the flat fish is not the reason we will visit the fjord today. In Qaleralik two glaciers descend into the fjord both with spectacular glacier fronts. We will get as close to the fronts as safety allows and admire those bizarre shaped walls of ice in white, blue and black in all detail.
    If conditions are appropriate, we will stop briefly aside de Glacier Front and just “step on the ice”. A unique experience.
    With hurting fingers from all the picture taking we direct ourselves finally towards Qaqortoq where we'll spend the night.
    For dinner we can chose one of the different restaurants in town.
    Meals included: Breakfast + lunch
    Accommodation: Hostel in Qaqortoq

    Day 8 (Saturday): Qaqortoq, the capital of South Greenland
    Qaqortoq, meaning “the White”, is the capital of South Greenland and with approx. 3.000 inhabitants its largest city. It has several schools, a university, a hospital, different kinds of shops and restaurants. Also Greenland's only tannery, Great Greenland, is located here (and can be visited). The town itself is bustling, combining traditional and modern Greenlandic life. Stone sculptures from Scandinavian artists created for the “Stone & Men” project are placed at different locations in the city.
    Today you have time for own activities. Explore the city including the fish market next to the harbour where fisherman sell their catch of the day, fish and often also seal. Or take part in one of the boat excursions that can be booked at the local tourist office (optional excursions, not included in the price), for example a tour to the best preserved Viking church ruin in Hvalsey, usually combined with a visit to the very interesting agricultural centre in Upernarviarsuk (or did you know that they grow strawberries in Greenland?), or to Greenland's only accessible hot springs in Unartoq.
    Meals included: Breakfast
    Accommodation: Hostel in Qaqortoq

    Day 9 (Sunday): Narsaq Mountains
    In the morning the boat takes us to Narsaq (approx. one hour).
    With 1.500 inhabitants it's South Greenland's second biggest city with schools and a hospital. The village is dominated by the Qaqqarsuaq, the “Big Mountain”, and it's its top that we will hike to today. From above we'll have a spectacular view on the village and the labyrinth of fjords that stretches below us on to the open sea on the horizon.
    Afterwards we recommend a visit to the very interesting local museum, a complex of well preserved colonial houses of the late 18th century when mostly Dutch and Danish whale hunters established permanent settlements in the area.
    Today we have a good opportunity to try real local food, like distinct Greenlandic fish, and even, if we dare, seal, whale or reindeer that we can buy freshly caught in the fish market and then prepare at our accommodation.
    Meals included: Full board
    Accommodation: Hostel/guesthouse in Narsaq

    Day 10 (Monday): Flower Valley and Narsarsuaq Glacier
    In the morning transfer by boat back to Narsarsuaq.
    Today we'll go on a hike following the river through the Flower Valley and up on to the plateau until we reach a point with a spectacular view on the Narsarsuaq glacier below and the ice cap in the distance - a perfect place for a picnic. If we feel up for it we can add half an hour walk down to and even a little on the glacier. We'll hike the same way back.
    Meals included: Full board
    Accommodation: Hostel in Narsarsuaq

    Day 11 (Tuesday): Flight Narsarsuaq– Reykjavik
    In the morning, before the flight, there is time to walk around Narsarsuaq, visit the little museum or to go on a helicopter excursion (optional, not included in the price). Viewing the system of fjords, the ragged mountains, the icebergs in the blue water and small lakes amidst green hills, but most of all the glaciers and vast ice cap from above is an unforgettable experience.
    Then it's time to say goodbye to Greenland and board your plane back to Reykjavik.
    Meals included: Breakfast


  • Equipment List

    Temperatures and Weather

    Temperatures in South Greenland can vary notably from morning to evening, from day to day, from one place to another. The weather in summer can change rapidly from blue skies with a burning sun where you sweat in your T-shirt to storms with rain and even snow. The so-called foehn, a warm fall wind coming from the ice cap, is a frequent phenomenon. It is therefore recommendable to prepare for everthing when packing your bags. Layer technique has proven to be the most useful.

    Recommended Equipment

    Boots and Clothing

    • Sturdy boots, water resistant hiking boots are preferable but also a pair of stable shoes or sneakers will do
    • Sandals for inside the accommodations
    • Clothes for warm and cold weather
    • Rain jacket or an anorak with a hood
    • Rain trousers
    • Gloves
    • Warm hat
    • Sun/rain hat/baseball cap
    • Scarf or Balaclava

    Other gear

    • Day backpack
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen
    • Water container – pet plastic bottle for excursions during the day
    • Mosquito repellent and face net
    • Camera, spare batteries, a memory card or films
    • Ear plugs


  • Map

For availability and more information about this tour please contact us.

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