From Sun Gate to Icefjord: Mindful Trek - GRL86

Experience a deeper connection with nature and yourself on this 6 days and 5 nights mindfulness trek from the Sun Gate to the Ice fjord in East Greenland. A combination of meditation and yoga stops along the trek (when the weather allows) will give you a chance to consciously bring awareness to your body and savor the silence of the pure, untouched nature. Meditation can come in any form on this trek because you will be encouraged to focus on your breath and be present in each moment. Whether you are hiking, eating a delicious meal, exploring the small, colorful hunter’s village of Tiniteqilaaq or listening to the thunderous sound from a nearby calving glacier, you will be engaging all your senses. As your awareness deepens, your body will relax and come into balance. Your soul’s vibration will tune to the frequency of the nature around you, and you will feel the restorative power of raw wilderness.

Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson
Photo: Raven Eye Photography - Visit Greenland
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson
Photo: Raven Eye Photography - Visit Greenland
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson
Photo: Gunilla Lindh
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson

Tour type: Trekking tour with camping




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Adult: 261000

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Departures: August

Duration: 6 days, 5 nights

Accommodation: Tents and Guesthouse

Meeting point: Starts and ends in Kulusuk

Group size: Min. 5, max. 14

Language: English

  • Tour Description

    All throughout this mindful trek, you will be surrounded by the stunning nature in East Greenland. From deep fjords to the lush arctic vegetation nestled along creeks and lakes, the untouched environment is a thriving ecosystem. You can meditate to the thunderous sound of ice calving from the Sermilik fjord or to the gentle crackling noises from nearby floating icebergs.  On the other side of the fjord, you will see the edge of the massive Greenland ice cap, the world’s second biggest ice field. There, you can reflect on just how incredible nature can be. During rest stops and at the camping sites, your yoga/trekking guide will facilitate meditation or yoga sessions that will leave you feeling grounded, connected and supported. This is truly a unique adventures in awe-inspiring nature.

    About our mindfulness/yoga instruktor: Gróa started working for Icelandic Mountain Guides in the summer of 2015 and has mostly been hiking in Iceland. She is an experienced mountain guide and professional yoga teacher. She has been teaching yoga to all age groups in health clubs and out in nature for almost 13 years. She has also been leading yoga tours in Iceland for the past couple of years and will continue to do so this summer.

    Gróa was born and raised in Reykjavík, Iceland. She has always been a nature lover and thinks there is nothing more rewarding than staying somewhere in the highlands. She has been hiking all over the place with her family and friends since she was a little girl. Her love of hiking and travelling around Iceland are what motivated her to become a professional guide in 2015. She is also curious about getting to know people from all over the world.

    Included: Guide and mindfulness/yoga instructor, breakfast (5), lunch (4), dinner (5) Kulusuk, tents and camping equipment.

    Accommodation: Guesthouse in Tasiilaq (1 night), tents (4 nights).

    Transport: Boat transfers, and luggage between camps while trekking.

    Not included: Flights to/from Kulusuk (can be added on the first and last day of the tour). Sleeping bag (can be rented). personal equipment, insurance and expenses.

    Flights for Reykjavik-Kulusuk-Reykjavik are from 770 Euros. The price depends on the available flight seat on the concerned date. 

    Accommodation in Reykjavík can be added before and/or after tour.

    Tip! This tour can be combined with our Laugavegur Trek in Iceland for a full Iceland/Greenland experience.

    Note: For this tour to be confirmed, the minimum number of passengers has to be met. If the tour is not confirmed you will get a full refund.

    Private groups & tailor-made tours
    Create the ultimate Greenlandic adventure for your group. You can choose to make one of our pre-existing intineraries a private tour or our travel experts, Jóhanna & Karl, can help you design a completely customized adventure from scratch to meet your group’s wants and needs. Our knowledgeable and friendly guides will ensure that your group has a fun and unique experience during your time in Greenland. Please send your group’s size, preferred dates and desired activities to We look forward to helping you create an adventure of a lifetime.

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  • Tour Itinerary

    Day 1. Reykjavík- Kulusuk
    We arrive to Kulusuk in the early afternoon. We walk from the airport to the village of Kulusuk (3km/ 2m) - a village of some 300 inhabitants and visit the local shop as well as the tiny family run museum/collection. In late afternoon we travel with a speed boat to the Qinertivaq fjord passing beautiful icebergs along the way.  We build our camp for the night at the bottom of the fjord, in a magnificent setting, surrounded by 1600m (5250 ) high, steep granite mountains. Walking: 1 hour. Boat: 1,5 hour.
    Day 2. Sun Gate, Trout Lake and Sermilik Icefjord.
    After breakfast we walk towards the Sun Gate mountain by the Trout Lake. Admire the reflection of the high mountains in the lake before continuing to its south end. After fording a small river we continue down a narrow valley still surrounded by high granite mountains. On our way we see rich arctic vegetation, willows, arctic craw berries and blue berries bushes (hardly lifting from the ground) and arctic flowers of all kinds, the most notable beeing the Arctic River Beauty. In the afternoon we start to get a view over to the west to the enormous Sermilik Icefjord, filled with icebergs of all sizes. The view is simply breathtaking with mountains and icebergs and the great Greenland Icecap lurring behind! Camp at the fjord. Walk 17 km (10,5 m), 7 hours. Ascent/descent: 300 m.
    Day 3. Along Sermilik Icefjord to Paarnakajiit
    We start our walk along the impressive icefjord. A tiny path takes us across steep boulder slopes and down to a small sand beach covered in small icebergs on low tide. A second beach has even more stranded icebergs. We cross the Iceberg Beach and on our way we ford a small river. We continue at the foot of high mountains, across scraped granite „whale backs“ and arctic tundra wetlands before arriving to a small peninsula called Paarnakajiit where we put up our camp.  Walk 14 km (8,6 m), 6 to 7 hours. Ascent/descent: 200m.
    Day 4. Paarnakajiit to Amitsivarriva Narrow fjord
    From the Peninsula we walk by a narrow lake before arriving to an small and shallow fjord with yet another very impressive amount of small icebergs and stranded on low tide. We continue along the fjord and from its end we cross some relatively flat moorlands, along a beautiful river until we arrive to a bigger lake. We ford a small river and continue along the deep, blue/green lake. In the afternoon we arrive to a very narrow fjord, where we put up our camp. Walk 12 km (7,5 m), 6 hours. Ascent/descent: 150 m
    Day 5. Amitsivartiva narrow fjord to Tiniteqilaaq and Tasiilaq.
    The day starts with the climb up along a mountain ridge abow the Sermilik Icefjord. We climb to a fantastic view point at 500 m (1800 ft) and admire the vast view over the Icefjord to the west and the „Matterhorn“ like mountains to the East. We continue along the ridge with great view on both hands until we descend into Tiniteqilaaq, a tiny hunters village with less than 200 inhabitants. After a short visit of the village we take a boat to Tasiilaq, the capital of East Greenland, a town of almost 2000 people.  Night in a guesthouse. Walk 14 km, (8,6M), 7 hours. Ascent/descent: 500m.
    Day 6. Tasiilaq - Kulusuk
    Early morning, we board the boat and approximately 40 minutes later we will be back in Kulusuk where out flight to Reykjavik will be waiting for us. Flight back to Reykjavík.

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