West Greenland Self-Guided Tours

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Explore Greenland's Ilulissat & Disko Bay safely on your own or with your own private group with the following fun & adventurous self guided tours which include detailed road books, arranged travel plans, transfers and accommodations reserved just for you! Plus, you get a day-to-day itinerary and we'll throw in some great tips that only our certified professional guides know!

The Disko Bay is the home of the world fastest glacier, calving an incredible amount of ice into the sea. It is also a place of pristine nature, mountains, lakes, glaciers, waterfalls, deep blue sea and during the summer, the midnight sun. Many of the famous explorers of the early 20st century started their fantastic adventures here, Paul Emely Victor, Alfred Wegener and many others led their expeditions from bases in the Disko Area.

Icebergs and Whales - GRL201

A 3 day self guided tour to Ilulissat in the Disko Bay. Enjoy hiking along the amazing UNESCO protected Kangia Icefjord filled with floating icebergs of all shapes and sizes and go on a guided Whale watching boat tour. Accommodation in a hostel or hotel.

Price from:
211.000 ISK

Ice and the Inuit - GRL204

2 day tour starting from Reykjavík in Iceland taking you to Ilulissat in Greenland. Discover the wonders of the arctic at close range!

Price from:
193.000 ISK


Ice, Dogs & Northern Lights - GRL208

This trip will give you the highlights of winter Greenland; Experience it’s majestic landscapes from the perspective of a dog sled. Enjoy the fascinating in man and dog working together in nature. Make sure to look up; the northern lights might be dancing above you!

Price from:
263.000 ISK
244.000 ISK


Colorful Nuuk - GRL241

Nuuk is a city of diversity and contrasts. Where old colourful wooden houses stand side by side with modern architecture. Where urban life goes hand in hand with outdoor life in the wilderness.

Price from:
207.000 ISK

Eqi and the Icefjord - GRL202

6 day tour to the town of Ilulissat and the Eqi Glacier Camp in the Disko Bay area. Enjoy both hiking and sailing in these amazing settings! Accommodation in a hostel or hotel. This tour is self guided.

Price from:
299.000 ISK

The Kingdom of Icebergs - GRL203

Experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Ilulissat Icefjord - close up. Stay in a nice hut by a calving glacier, enjoy the view and sound of whales surfacing between huge icebergs. This is a 8 day self guided tour to the Disko Bay area. Accommodation in guesthouse or hotel.

Price from:
338.000 ISK