Greenland Winter Special Offers

The winter in Greenland is something special; The sun stands high in the sky again and is reflected in the vast snow-covered landscape. Feel the sun, the crisp air and the crackling snow under the dog sled or while cross country skiing or snowshoeing in the impressive Greenlandic backcountry. Watch the northern lights dance on the dark sky full of stars or enjoy the impressive view over the fjords from one of the remote mountain peaks you climb while ski touring.

Book before 23rd October and save up to 25.000 ISK (235USD/200 EUR/170GBP)


Ice, Dogs & Northern Lights - GRL208

This trip will give you the highlights of winter Greenland; Experience it’s majestic landscapes from the perspective of a dog sled. Enjoy the fascinating in man and dog working together in nature. Make sure to look up; the northern lights might be dancing above you!

Price from:
263.000 ISK
244.000 ISK


The Remote Peaks of Greenland - GRL67

8 day Alpine Skiing tour in East Greenland - A skiing adventure trip of a lifetime!

Price from:
460.000 ISK
435.000 ISK


Ammassalik Crossing - GRL63

This is a 8 day skiing tour on Ammassalik Island in East Greenland, a great option for winter cross country skiing adventure!

Price from:
390.000 ISK
365.000 ISK