Greenland Adventures by Icelandic Mountain Guides 

The untamed, powerful, and pure nature on the world’s largest island evokes a sense of peacefulness and timelessness.  For many on the Greenland Adventures team, our love for this country has been strong since childhood. In fact, the majority of the team are native Greenlanders that have migrated to Iceland. After embarking on countless expeditions, mountaineering journeys, and discovery adventures, we know the lay of the land. We are pioneers when it comes to traveling in the vast and mostly isolated wilderness of Greenland. Our expertise has been developed through decades of experience, and extensive knowledge of the land and people. We have worked on different terrains and regions of the country, and that is reflected in the number, variety and depth of our tours. 

We work closely with local suppliers with the aim of developing Greenland as a destination in a sustainable way. Our main focus is to provide cultural exchange, interaction with the environment, authentic and thrill-seeking, yet safe, adventures.  We achieve this by creating high quality products and unique experiences in an unspoilt destination for all pioneering spirits and adventurers.

Our Experienced Guides: