Glacier and Inuit Village - GRL225

Photo:  Suuluaraq Motzfeld

Kulusuk sunset

Photo:  Josepha Thomsen

Husky puppy

Photo:  Suuluaraq Motzfeld

Kristina Boassen doing the Greenlandic drum dance

Photo:  Einar Finnsson

Greenlandic kids playing in Kulusuk

Photo:  Einar Finnsson

Transportation in Kulusuk

Photo:  Einar Finnsson

Kulusuk Church

Photo:  Einar Finnsson

Mountains near Kulusuk

Photo:  Einar Finnsson

Anda Kuitsi doing the drum dance

Photo:  Einar Finnsson

The drum dancer Anda Kuitsi

Photo:  Josepha Thomsen

Icebergs near Kulusuk

Photo:  Josepha Thomsen

Local guide Jóhanna and Krisina Boassen explaining the drum dance

Photo:  Josepha Thomsen

Greenlandic husky looking like a polar bear

Photo:  Josepha Thomsen

Kulusuk on a grey day

Photo:  Steff Hilty

Kulusuk village

Photo:  Steff Hilty

Kulusuk village and Apusiaajik Glacier

Photo:  Suuluaraq Motzfeld

Kulusuk village in the sunset

Photo:  Josepha Thomsen

Talented Kristina Boassen doing the Greenlandic drum dance

Tour type: Self-guided Greenland adventure in guesthouse or hotel accommodation




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Adult: 153.000

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What's included: Included in tour: Flight to/from Reykjavik and Kulusuk. Guided village walk. One night in hotel (half board is optional). Maps and walking itinerary descriptions.

Departures: July 1st to September 1st: Every day.

Duration: 2 days

Meeting point: The tour starts and ends at the domestic airport in Reykjavík

Language: English

You bring: Bring good hiking shoes and warm clothes.

  • Tour Description

    If you want a true otherworldly Greenlandic experience, the ideal place to fulfill your fantasies is Kulusuk in East Greenland. The peace and quiet, coupled with the beautifully unique nature and traditional attractions will take your breath away. 

    This two-day tour includes a guided village walk where you get an insight in the Inuit way of life in th small village of Kulusuk - and if we are lucky we will experience a drum dancing performance from one of the locals in the village. We will visit the beautiful church that is built of material from a shipwreck in the early 20th century and a tiny charming museum (optional) based on one woman’s passion to collect everything. For other optional activities, see below.
    After spending the night in this fascinating place you will have the chance to enjoy a beautiful morning hike before getting on your flight back to Iceland.

    This is a self guided tour allowing you to enjoy the freedom of travelling on your own while we take care of your hectic travel plans. We arrange transfers and accommodations just for you! Plus, you get a day-to-day itinerary, maps and a detailed road book where we'll even throw in some great tips that only our certified professional guides know!

    Included in tour: Flight from Reykjavik to Kulusuk and back. Guided village walk. One night in hotel (half board is optional). Maps and walking itinerary descriptions.

    Departures: July 1st to September 1st every day.

    Optional excursions: 
    NB. The optional activities can only be booked in Kulusuk and depend on weather conditions and number of participants.

    Boat excursion between icebergs to a glacier.
    Sailing past fascinating variety of floes and icebergs across the local fjord, the tour takes you close to the local glacier Apusiaajik ('Little' glacier) in a 10 person open boat (warm clothes recommended). An excellent opportunity to get close to a beautiful glacier!
    Duration: 1 1/2 h.
    Price: DKK 475,- (appr. 70$/64 euros)

    Mountain drive to scenic views.
    Travelling by car, we drive up an 8 kilometres road. The tour takes us to a previous US military radar station. From here we have a view towards the majestic coastal mountains to the ocean seeing ice floes and icebergs in the distance. A wonderful chance to have a panoramic view of our stunning landscape. 
    Duration: 1 1/2 h.
    Price: DKK 375,- (appr. 55$/50 euros)

    Price from: 139.000 ISK 

    (Based on double occupancy, one night in Hotel Kulusuk). The price depends on the flight rate available on the date concerned.

    With single supplement: 145.000 ISK

    Thanks for your interest in this tour! However, we need to verify flight availability on your selected dates. Please indicate your preferred dates below and we'll contact you with verification within 48 hours.


  • Tour Itinerary

    Day 1 Reykjavik – Kulusuk
    Start the day with a flight to Kulusuk and arrive in Greenland at the same hour as you leave Iceland: two hours flight and two hours’ time difference! The first truly Greenlandic experience awaits you: Upon arrival in Kulusuk, your guide will welcome you at the airport and the hotel will pick up your luggage. Your guide will introduce you to the area as you walk together towards Kulusuk village. On the way, you will visit the colorful and characteristic graveyard, and from viewpoints, we will see stunning icebergs and mountain peaks. Arriving at the village, we will visit the tiny privately owned museum that provides insights of the Inuit life. As we walk through town, we often get to greet the locals, and if we are lucky, we will get to see a demonstration of the traditional Greenlandic drum dance. Before we head to the hotel (boat tour optional), we will visit the beautiful Kulusuk Church.

    Accommodation in hotel (half board optional).

    Day 2 Kulusuk – Reykjavik
    Today, you have some time to go exploring this mystically rocky island on your own before your flight takes off to Reykjavik. Get a closer look at the village, buy some souvenirs that can remind you of this Greenland experience or go for a short hike in the beautiful surroundings of Kulusuk.

    Optional activity: We can add a boattrip, a scenic drive to WW2 remains or even a helicopterride, an unforgettable tour over the spectacular icefjords and the impressive glaciers in the area or even to the Greenland Ice Cap. Experiencing the vast backcountry of Greenland really puts things into perspective! 


For availability and more information about this tour please contact us.

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