Icelandic Mountain Guides' Environmental Policy

Icelandic Mountain Guides takes a strong position on the preservation of Greenland's delicate and unspoiled nature. Our ambition and dedication is that all actions of the company and it's members should be ecological and sustainable, that our groups don't leave any signs of trespassing and that subsequent visitors should not see that others have been there before them. Thus we try to avoid overexploited tourist areas and we try to engage in discussions on ecological and tourist-related environmental issues.

In Iceland, Icelandic Mountain Guides wants to protect the Icelandic highlands against further grand scale operations, such as hydroelectric dams, powerlines and all-year roads. Furthermore, we demand action for preservation and protection of those sites already being spoiled by exploitation and construction.

It is our wish that future generations be able to enjoy this nature just like we have done.

Icelandic Mountain Guides has adopted the World Wildlife Fund conservation plan concerning ecological tourism in the Arctic, as well as the Scandinavian FINECO project on self-sustainable regional activities in the northern areas.

Icelandic Mountain Guides is the proud holder of the Icelandic Tourist Board's 2009 Environmental Award.