Iceberg Spectacle - GRL227

Inuit Village Kulusuk and Glacier
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson

Inuit Village Kulusuk and Glacier

Adventures starts here
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson

Adventures starts here

Flowers in front of the museum in Tasiilaq
Photo: Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland

Flowers in front of the museum in Tasiilaq

Walk in the Flower Valley
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson

Walk in the Flower Valley

Testing kayaking skills at the museum
Photo: Mads Pihl

Testing kayaking skills at the museum

Boatride in the fjords of East Greenland
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson

Boatride in the fjords of East Greenland

Photographing the Iceberg Spectacle
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson

Photographing the Iceberg Spectacle

Do you remember the science about the floating Icebergs?
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson

Do you remember the science about the floating Icebergs?

Arctic pik-nik
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson

Arctic pik-nik

The Greenlandic Youth
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson

The Greenlandic Youth

Two hunters on an iceberg
Photo: Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland

Two hunters on an iceberg

Dinner on the patio
Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson

Dinner on the patio

Tour type: Self-guided Greenland adventure in guesthouse or hotel accommodation




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Adult: 293000

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What's included: Flights to/from Reykjavik and Kulusuk, Transfer to/from Tasiilaq, full day boat excursion, guided town walk in Tasiilaq (incl. museum visit), guesthouse accommodation (2 nights in double occupancy)

Departures: July to September 2020

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

Language: English

You bring: Bring good hiking shoes and warm clothes.

  • Tour Description

    Highlights of the Tour

    • Full day boat excursion to an impressive glacier or beautiful icefjord
    • Guided sightseeing in a charming Inuit village/town
    • Helicopter flights over ice-filled fjords

    A two hour flight from Iceland and a 10 minute helicopter-ride over the ice-filled fjord will take you to a world you could never imagine. Our Iceberg Spectacle include a guided sightseeing tour in the charming Inuit village of Kulusuk or Tasiiaq - the main town of East Greenland. You will get a change to explore the small colorful houses and smile back at the smiling population. When in Tasiilaq, there is lots to take in in this picturesque urban arctic town with a population of around 2000 people, and you will have a change to do so.

    The actual iceberg spectacle takes place on day 2. This full day boat excursion will take you on an amazing adventure either to the well known Knud Rasmussen Glacier or to the magnificent Sermilik Icefjord (depending on weekday) - both breathtaking and memorable experiences!

    Included: Flights to/from Reykjavik and Kulusuk, helicopter between Kulusuk - Tasiilaq, full day boat excursion (7-8 hours), guided sightseeing in either Kulusuk or Tasiilaq, accommodation in a guesthouse in double occupancy.

    Note: Bring good hiking shoes and warm clothes.

    If you have more questions, please check our FAQs. If you do not find the answer please contact us: [email protected]

  • Tour Itinerary

    Day 1
    After a two hour flight from Reykjavik you arrive to Kulusuk. Shortly after you will go for a 10 minute helicopter flight over the ice-filled fjord to Tasiilaq - the main town in the region with a population of around 2000 - where you spend the night. After you have settled in at your accommodation the next thing on the program is the city walk of Tasiilaq and the flower valley!

    The city walk will take us to a workshop where local artists make beautiful and renowned handicraft. Then towards the harbor and visit the museum, which is the old church built in 1903. The museum has many historical treasures, and you can learn about the life and history of East Greenland.

    The walk continues along the shore to the hospital and up to the new church. Above the church, you will enjoy a beautiful view over the town. In this area, you will be able to see the oldest houses of the town where the first colony manager Johann Pedersen or the polar explorer Ejnar Mikkelsen lived.

    Before heading to the Flower Valley, you can visit the tourist office Skæven where it is possible to buy handicraft of all kinds, maps, etc. As the name of the valley indicates, you will be able to see many different flowers, such as arctic thyme, arctic bluebell, arctic dandelion, the national flower broad-leafed willow herb, and many more.

    We continue the small curved path along the river for a few kilometers, until we reach a small waterfall. Here we will spend some time to enjoy the beautiful landscape and peacefulness, before heading back to Tasiilaq. 

    Note: It is an easy walk through town, but we recommend sturdy shoes for the walk in the Flower Valley. We recommend you to bring some refreshments with you.

    Day 2
    After a good nights sleep and breakfast an exiting day of adventure awaits you. In the harbour you will meet the guide for the boat excursion who will take you on a full day adventure (7-8 hours) to either the well-known Knud Rasmussen glacier or the magnificent Sermilik Icefjord - which of the tours you will be joining depends on the weekday you are there, but both excursions are amazing, so no need to worry about that at all.

    Same accommodation as the night before.

    Day 3
    In the morning you take a helicopter back to Kulusuk from where you board the flight back to Reykjavik!

  • Equipment List

    For your own wellbeing and safety, we strongly suggest following the advice of our equipment list, this includes having good quality rain-gear, tops and bottoms! Also respect that cotton clothing is not appropriate for any strenuous outdoor activity – this includes jeans and t-shirts. Modern outdoor clothing is by far more comfortable and will greatly improve your experience. 

    Boots and clothing:

    • Good boots                                         
    • Thermal underwear shirt & long-johns – preferably wool
    • Thick wool or fleece sweater/jacket
      • Possibly two of different thickness that can be worn together
    • Trousers – thick softshell or fleece pants
    • Jacket with a good hood – windproof, and breathable
      • Gore-Tex or similar – big enough so that multiple layers of insulation can be worn underneath
    • Insulated jacket, ski-jacket or down jacket that fits over other layers
      • An insulated overall is also available on location, free of charge
    • Over-pants – windproof and breathable
      • Gore-Tex or similar – big enough so that multiple layers of insulation can be worn underneath
    • Mittens; Large and well insulated mittens
      • Down, fleece of fibre insulation – wind and waterproof,
    • Linger gloves, thin fleece or wool gloves that can be worn under mittens or ski gloves
    • Socks – Wool or synthetic socks, thick – few pairs
    • Warm hat – Wool or synthetic
    • Balaclava – fleece or wool that can be used to cover the face also
    • Warm jacket/sweater – Wool or fleece (3rd layer)

    Other gear:

    • 40-45 L (2000-2500 cu in) Backpack for extra clothes and food during the day, large enough to also fit your sleeping bag and food for the two days up in the mountain hut   
    • Duffel bag – for your gear. Max weight 10kg. Hard suitcases are not permitted
    • Towel – light weight and packable
    • Sunglasses & sun protection
    • Change of clothes – e.g. long and short underwear
    • Water container – thermos flask 1L
    • Camera, spare batteries and a memory card or films
    • Prescription medication and other personal health items
    • Toiletries; toothbrush, toothpaste, soap etc.
      • Lip balm and hand cream (not water based), the fatter the better. This will keep your lips and skin healthy in the cold & dry climate

    Optional gear:

    • Buff or scarf for protecting your neck and face
    • Gaiters
    • Pen knife
    • Heart-warming spirits
    • Head lamp
    • Book


  • Map

For availability and more information about this tour please contact us.