7 Stunning Photos from the Ilulissat Icefjord

This week, we are sharing 7 seriously amazing shots that cover the Ilulissat Icefjord from all angles. It’s hard to believe how epic it really is. Before we step into the shots, check out this sweet panorama from the guys at Visit Greenland. This will help give you a sense of awesome it is!

Get a panoramic view!

UNESCO World Heritage

The Ilulissat Icefjord is 1 of 1,052 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Specific locations receive this status from UNESCO because they are deemed to have “special cultural or physical significance”. Can you see why?

It's huge!

The Icefjord itself is 6km wide and 55km long, growing every year, since the main glaciers are receding: that’s how all this ice gets there in the first place!

It's fast moving!

The Icefjord itself calves form the Sermaq Kujallaq glacier, on of the fastest moving glaciers in the world, with a daily movement of 40m, 14,600 meters per year. 


It will make you feel really tiny!

One of the greatest things about the Icefjord is how small is makes you feel. Imagine how small these guys in this shot must feel compared to the grand and indeed majesterial size of the icebergs?


Astounding complexity

Flying over the icefjord, or getting an aerial view of the icefjord is surely high on anybody’s bucket list. Look at the immense complexity of this ice! Try running the math on that!


Under the Midnight Sun!

As if seeing wasn’t enough, how about catching it under the epic, ever-lasting light of the Midnight Sun? Ilulissat is located hundreds of kilometers inside the Arctic Circle, creating a great Midnight Sun window running from early June to early August!


Camp beside it too!

Why not camp next to it, too? Imagine the view when you wake up the next morning and open the tent!


Fly me in, please!

Want to see the ice fjord for yourself and experience in one or more of these amazing ways? We are happy to oblige. Our self-guided tour of the Icefjord is great way to explore at your own pace, and for a more sailing-focused option go for The Kingdom of the Icebergs tour over 8 days. The icefjord is epic in winter too; you can team it up with a dog sledding trip for a full Greenlandic Experience. 

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