Pioneer of the Month: Antoinette Unplugs and Escapes

Photo: Antoinette Bakker

Posing with a Blue Fjord

Antoinette needed to do what she does best, that is explore the unexplored, and unplug while she’s at it. She found exactly what she needed on our Unplugged Wilderness tour and came away with an unforgettable experience and memories to last a lifetime. 

What motivated you to visit Greenland?

I work for a Dutch tour operator (Askja Reizen) organizing trips to destinations with a focus on unspoiled nature. Iceland is the most popular, but we also organize tours to Greenland. Very often, I visit Iceland and I have been to different parts of Greenland before. It all comes with the job! 

This time, I was looking for the ultimate hiking holiday. Iceland is getting a bit crowded, and I wanted to visit a country where only few tourists go and where nature is huge and overwhelming. Greenland is the perfect destination for that, and I found the trip I was looking for with Greenland Adventures.  

Arriving in Greenland
Photo: Antoinette Bakker

Flying in

Our small camp was surrounded by impressive nature: mountains, glaciers, sea and silence. In the evening, I loved to walk a bit up a hill and look over the camp. Try to take this almost sacred moment into my memory for ever.

Antoinette Bakker

How long was your stay? Did you travel solo or with a group?

I traveled with my husband and we joined a hiking tour with a group. The trip was 12 days.

Photo: Antoinette Bakker

Raw Greenlandic Nature

Which tour did you take and why did you choose it?

I joined the Unplugged Wilderness hiking tour. Beforehand, I had to choose between that tour and Land of Icebergs hiking tour. However, for practical reasons, we ended up doing Unplugged Wilderness: there was a confirmed departure for Unplugged Wilderness on the date I could travel.  

I love camping and hiking, which is the main feature of the Unplugged Wilderness. What attracted me to this trip was that it was very well organized. A lot of hiking, but only with a daypack. The tents and food etc. were transported by boat. An experienced guide would take care of the group, all the organization and the hikes. Also, I think it is fun to travel with people from other countries. 

Photo: Antoinette Bakker

Taking in the Sunset

What is one thing you will always remember about your tour?

The camping places were amazing. I did not know such beauty existed. In 12 days we didn’t see any other people (only 5 kayakers passing by and 2 people in their own small plane), besides the group members. Our small camp was surrounded by impressive nature: mountains, glaciers, sea and silence. In the evening, I loved to walk a bit up a hill and look over the camp. Try to take this almost sacred moment into my memory for ever.  

Photo: Antoinette Bakker

With the Glaciers and Icefjords

What is something that you learned about Greenland that surprised you?

I was surprised by the rough nature in the East of Greenland. I had visited West, South and East Greenland before, but I had forgotten that East Greenland, which is close to Iceland, has such astonishing nature. I remember when we flew in and I saw the peaks of the mountains below me, I wondered where we were going to walk the coming days in this landscape.

Photo: Antoinette Bakker

Sunset in East Greenland

If you had more time in Greenland, what else would you like to see and do?

More hiking trips in East-Greenland! Perhaps also a few days kayaking. Visiting in the wintertime is also on my wish list.

Photo: Antoinette Bakker

Antoinette, Guide and all the Necessary Equipment

What tips do you have for people that want to visit Greenland?

Most of all: go for it! It doesn’t matter which part of Greenland you visit or how, but you will live a dream by going to visit this country. Nature is so overwhelming. In Greenland, you can feel small. You are just a visitor in a majestic surrounding. It is also very interesting to visit some villages. There, you can get a hint of how people live here in connection with nature and a tough climate.   

Pioneer of the Month
Photo: Antoinette Bakker

Camping for the night

What adventure are you off to next?

Nobody that knows me is surprised that my next trip is to Iceland. In June, I will visit the small island of Flatey in the west of Iceland.   

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