What to do: Nuuk - tips from a local!

Aningaaq R. Carlsen © Visit Greenland

What to do: Nuuk

Nuuk is the capital city of Greenland. Having approximately 18.000 inhabitants, it is the city that never sleeps in Greenland.

Though you might find Greenland small, Nuuk still has a cinema, swimming pool and great cafés and restaurants. 

Katuaq cultural house is situated right at the center of the city, with a cinema, café/restaurant, conference rooms and great art exhibitions.

Katuaq is also a great brunch spot during the weekends, but if you want to enjoy your brunch with a magnificent view - I highly recommend checking out Inuk Hostels! Their view is without a doubt one of the best in town.

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Esmeralda is a great restaurant, where you can get anything from pasta dishes to healthy ryebread sancwiches! (ryebread is very popular in Greenland)

Café Pascucci is located at the mall downtown and is the local meeting spot. Here you can enjoy fresh food and tasty drinks, or come for a beer and meet a lot of the locals during the weekends. 

If you are looking for some dancing and music, Skyline Bar is the spot. Skyline is at the Hotel Hans Egede and serves a bunch of delicious cocktails, but if you are more of a bar-type, you are going to love Daddy´s. Here you can enjoy a cold beer while playing pool.


Local cuisine

The Greenlandic delicacies is something you must try. Kalaaliaraq (brættet) not far from the old harbor, is where you can find seal-meat, whale-meat and all kinds of sea-food caught by local hunters.

This is a great way of supporting the local community and, if you want to, you could try out exotic delicacies.

Peter Lindstrom © Visit Greenland

Qajartorneq (Kayaking)

Did you know? The qajaq (kayak) is actually an Inuit invention, dating back to the dawn of times where Inuit used these amazing handcrafted kayaks to hunt for food.

Kayaking is a normal sight at the old harbor (Kolonihavn). There are plenty of opportunities to rent a kayak and get a guide to join you in your sea-adventure. 

While down at the old harbor, you can visit the local museum filled with traditional inuit artifacts with cultural, historic and scientific importance.

Melody Adams © Visit Greenland


There are plenty of hiking trails for those interested, both by the Nuuk island or in the surrounding land. 

Kapisillit is a popular hiking destination, where you can hike 120 km from Nuuk to Kapisillit.

You can furthermore climb the mountain of Ukkusissat (Store Malene) which is situated in the city, not far from Qinngorput. Ukkusissat is 772 m / 2,533 ft tall and is a very popular hiking spot for locals.

Rebecca Gustafsson © Visit Greenland

So, if you find yourself on your way to Nuuk - no worries! There are plenty of amazing memories to be made.

Written by: Ajaana Olsvig Kristjánsdóttir

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