Discovery Tours

On our Greenland Discovery tours you will get a better insight into Greenland’s culture as well as its nature and a more accessible way than on a typical trekking or backpacking tour. Where it is possible (in towns and villages) we stay in hostels or we stay several nights in a base camp from where we go on our day hikes. Closeness to villages and the inhabitants give us a the opportunity to discover the local culture and history, in addition to exploring the magnificent nature of this unique country.


Greenland Highlights - GRL78

This 5 day tour will introduce you to the Greenland Highlights; Ice and Icefjords, impressive glaciers, an insight in the Inuit way of life in an East Greenlandic town and village and maybe even the sound and sight of a whale.

Price from:
218.000 ISK


Greenland Winter Highlights - GRL223

A 4-day tour in the winter wonderland of East Greenland. Dog sledding, snow shoeing and a visit to a hunter's village. March and April departures.

Price from:
219.000 ISK


Dog Sledding and Northern Lights - GRL69

A 8 day dog sledding adventure to Ammassalik Island. Experience the magnificent landscape and get a feel for the traditional arctic way of life. March and April departures.

Price from:
451.500 ISK

West Greenland Wonders - GRL245

Three destinations in four days! Visit Ilulissat and its breathtaking UNESCO classified icefjord. Nuuk, the capital of Greenland and Kangerlussuaq with its easy access to the impressive Greenland ice cap.

Price from:
255.000 ISK

Sailing in the Silent Arctic - NS75

An 8 day sailing tour on Scoresby Sound in a schooner. Sail around this great fjord system to enjoy nature and wildlife in a unique way. An adventure of a lifetime!

Price from:
690.000 ISK


Disko Bay Winter Wonders - GRL210

This 4 day winter tour offers a great chance to experience many of the sought after highlights of Greenland. You will go dog sledding, get a glimpse of the Inuit life and even catch the northern lights if conditions allow.

Price from:
285.000 ISK