Musk Ox & Ice Cap Adventure - GRL228

Photo: Mads Pihl
Photo: Mads Pihl
Photo: Mads Pihl




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Departures: Fridays in July & August (5 days version on Mondays).

Duration: 4 days

Note: Bring good hiking shoes and warm clothes.

  • Tour Description

    Explore the second largest ice cap in the World on this 4 day our. Drive through beautiful mountains, plains, semi-desert valleys and fascinating moraine landscape and end up walking on the Greenland Ice Cap! And go on a tundra and wildlife safari where the guide fills you in on the various wildlife around Kangerlussuaq. We might even spot some of the many musk oxen that live in the area (on either of the excursions).

    Included: Flights Keflavik - Kangerlussuaq, Tundra & Wildlife excursion (1 1/2h), Ice cap excursion (5h), accommodation in hostel or hotel in double occupancy. 

    Optional extra activities: Sightseeing by plane over the glaciers, guided town sightseeing, Calving Glacier Tour and more.

    If you have more questions, you can check our FAQs  and see if you can find the answers. If not, just contact us:

  • Tour Itinerary

    Day 1
    After an appr. 3 hour flight you arrive in the late afternoon in Kangerlussuaq, a former American airbase and one of the main gateways to Greenland. Opposite most other Greenlandic towns and settlements Kangerlussuaq is located in the bottom of a long fjord in stead of by the coast, which means that the weather is more stable but also that there is easy access to the Greenland Ice cap and a flourishing wildlife. You have time to explore the settlement this evening. It does not really get dark during summer as you are so close to the Arctic Circle.
    Day 2 
    Today is the day to see, hear and feel the Greenland ice cap - the biggest ice sheet on the northern hemisphere - under you feet! A specially made vehicle/bus will take you on a guided tour through the impressive landscape from Kangerlussuaq in to the edge of the ice cap. You will stop along the way and there will be plenty of opportunities to take pictures. 
    You will pass impressive glacier front - maybe even see and hear them calve. There are good chances of seeing reindeer, musk oxen, arctic foxes and hares on the way, so don't forget to keep an eye out for that. 

    You will stop for dinner out side with a stunning view of one of the glacier fronts. Your guides will prepare a barbeque while you get to explore the area a bit on your own. When you get back, Dinner is served and you get to taste both delicious reindeer and musk oxen meat. 

    The tour continues towards the ice cap as far as the bus can take you and from there you walk appr. 10 minutes until you are standing on the actual ice sheet - a huge and amazing world of ice! You will spend about an hour on the ice before the bus takes you back to the village where you will spend the night. The total duration of the tour to the ice cap is about 6 hours.
    Day 3
    If you didn't get to see (enough) of the wildlife that Kangerlussuaq has to offer on your excursion to the ice cap, then you have second chance today, where you will go on a tundra and wildlife safari (1 1/2 hour). A bus will take you to some great locations to spot musk oxen, reindeer, hares etc. They can sometimes be hard to spot as they blend in with the nature, but the guides will help you look for them. 
    If you want more wildlife - and ice - then a great optional activity this day would be to go on a sightseeing by plane where you fly closely over the immense ice cap, where you can see the turquoise melt water rivers and lakes on the ice. It also takes you over areas where there are normally lots of musk oxen and reindeer. 
    You spend the night in the same accommodation as the night before. 
    Day 4
    There is time for more optional activities today before the flight back to Reykjavik. Book a guided town walk to get to know more of the history of the village, visit the interesting flight museum and/or go on a glacier adventure where you get to go closer to a huge glacier front/wall - something that makes you feel small and humble 

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