The Heart of the Arctic - GRL61

A real adventure through the heart of the Arctic!


Tour type: Ski tour through the center of the Liverpool Land Roscoe massif




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What's included: Guide, food for 8 days, all transportation, accommodation.

Duration: 8 Days

Accommodation: Tents and Hostels

Meeting point: The tour starts and ends at the domestic airport in Reykjavík.

Group size: 6 to 12 participants.

Language: English

Note: This tour can also be offered as a private departure. Also note that participants are required to respect the equipment list completely.

  • Tour Description

    Highlights of the Tour

    • Endless daylight
    • Stunning Glaciers and Mountain Valleys
    • Cozy Inuit Village

    Ski touring through the center of the Liverpool Land Roscoe massif

    On this tour we walk on touring skis through the heart of Liverpool land. Located in the high north, this is a world of endless daylight where the midnight sun is already shining. Our route will take us on a wild adventure; in between gigantic icebergs in the flat frozen sea, up and down snow covered glacier tongues, through mountain passes and inside narrow mountain valleys surrounded by jagged mountain tops. Making our way through this arctic world we will transport our tents and supplies between camps on sledges. We will leave our camps without our gear to explore some of the beautiful peaks surrounding us twice, in hopes to get the crystal clear view over this frozen world and of course to enjoy the skiing back down! At the end of the tour we will arrive to the Inuit village Ittoqqortoormiit, here we can buy fresh prey from the local hunters, and get some insight into the local´s way of life. This tour is a real adventure through the heart of the Arctic!

    Available for groups on demand (dates depend on flight availability)
    Contact us at
    Total distance: 70-80 kilometers
    Elevation: 0-1450 meters (4750 feet)
    Walking/Skiing per day: 5-8 hours   
    Maximum ascent: 1200 meters (4000 feet)

    Included: Guide for 8 days, food for 8 days (from lunch day 1 to lunch day 8 except dinner on day 7), flights: Reykjavík - Constable Point – Reykjavik, transport by helicopter from Ittoqqortoormiit to Constable Point, tents and one night in hostel.

    Not included: Personal equipment, insurance and dinner the last night in Greenland.

    If you have more questions, you can check our FAQs  and see if you can find the answers. If not, just contact us:

  • Tour Itinerary

    Day 1: The tour starts at 08:00 on Saturday morning at the Domestic airport in Reykjavík. There we take morning flight to Mittarfik Nerlerit Inaat (Constable Point) at 70°N on the East cost of Greenland. This airport serves the small village Ittoqqortoomiit that is located about 40 km (25 mi) to the southeast. After gathering our  freight together and we pack our food, tents and the necessary rifle in to the sledges and set of walking on skis across the frozen fjord. The first camp will be set up in the front of the Hans Glacier.
    Skiing: 15 km (9 mi)     Elevation: 50 m (165´)

    Day 2: Today we climb up the gentle sloping glacier in to the heart of the Roscoe Bjerge Mountains. Reaching the col between the two highest mountains of Liverpooland, Korsbierg 1400 m (4600´) and Tvillingerne 1430 m (4690´), we set up camp where we stay for two nights.
    Skiing: 12 km (7.5 mi)     Elevation: 800 m (2625´)

    Day 3: With only our day packs with us, we leave our camp to go skiing in the nearby mountains.  We aim for Korsbierg mountain to get the stunning view over the Arctic sea ice and endless mountain peaks before skiing back down to the camp. There are numerous skiing possibilities and the sun never sets so after a refreshment we can put our skins back on aiming for the perfect down slope in the Arctic sun. Return to the same camp.
    Skiing: From base camp    Elevation: ~1200 m (3940’)

    Day 4: We move our camp to change environment and scenery. Going through mountain passes and narrow waylays surrounded be steep alpine peaks with hanging glaciers, we come to the location of our next camp, south of Tvillingerne, where we stay for two nights.  After dinner it is possible to go out for some evening skiing.
    Skiing: 12 km (7.5 mi)    Elevation: 150 m (495‘)

    Day 5:  With lights pack on our back we climb up through steep mountain passes, over to the Jettedal glacier. Here we are going to enjoy a descent down to see level before we skin back to our camp.
    Skiing: From base camp     Elevation:  ~ 1200 m (3940’)

    Day 6:  We ski down to the Arctic ocean and walk between gigantic iceberg that are frozen in the sea ice.  We climb to the bottom of the valley before setting up or camp for the last time.  
    Skiing: 14 km (9 mi)    Elevation: 100 m (330’)

    Day 7: On our skis we walk over the flat top mountain to the small Inuit village Ittoqqortoomiit of 550 inhabitants that live from hunting.  The village is located at the mouth of the largest fjord in the world, Scoresby sund.  We stay there in a basic guest house.  Dinner with the local people can be arranged but is not included.  Later in the evening there is local dance.

    Day 8:  After a sightseeing walk around the village, we take the helicopter that connects the village to the airport.  The tour end at the domestic airport in centre of Reykjavík at 20:15 on Saturday night.

  • Equipment List

    Ski Mountaineering / Alpine Touring


    For your own wellbeing and safety we strongly suggest following the advice of our equipment list, this includes having good quality rain-gear, tops and bottoms! Also respect that cotton clothing is not appropriate for any strenuous outdoor activity – this includes jeans and t-shirts. Modern outdoor clothing is by far more comfortable and will greatly improve your experience. 

    Ski touring / gear and clothes:

    • Touring skis (AT – Telemark – Split-board)
    • Ski boots
    • Skins, cut for the skis, in good working conditions
    • Ski-crampons
    • Ski poles
    • Avalanche beacon, probe and shovel
    • Small first AID kit including a blister kit
    • Ski socks – few pairs
    • Warm underwear / wool or synthetics
    • Pants, e.g. soft-shell
    • Fleece jacket
    • Soft-shell jacket or other wind proof and breathable layer
    • Waterproof jacket with a good hood and pants
    • Puffy jacket (e.g. down or primaloft)
    • Ski-goggles
    • Sunglasses
    • Warm hat
    • Head-lamp
    • Balaclava/face mask – Wool or synthetic
    • Water bottle; insulated / thermos (1 – 2 litres total)
    • Gloves – 2 - 3 pairs thin and thick
    • Mittens – thick with good insulation
    • Sun block, lip balm etc.
    • Back-pack with straps for skis (35 – 45 litres)
    • Ski helmet (optional)
    • Ski strap
    • Favourite sweets / energy bars (optional)
    • Camera equipment + spare batteries
    • Harness; light weight mountaineering harness with gear loops and carabiner

    Tours with indoor accommodation: 

    The style of accommodations varies between different IMG tours. Consider the following:

    • Comfortable clothes for indoor use and non-skiing activities
    • Toiletries
    • Any medication
    • Sleeping bag – (most tours in Greenland – 3 season/Winter). It can be cold even indoor why you should bring a warm inner sheet or wool to sleep in
    • Aperitif or other heart-warming spirits (optional)
    • Light shoes/slippers for indoor use (tent-boots with a sole)

    Tours with camping (winter conditions):

    • Sleeping bag; Aim for light weight and warm bag. Goose down with high “fills power” or top of the line synthetic bags are recommended. You will need one rated with comfort level down to -25°C or colder
    • Insulation mattress; thick air-mattress or air-mattress and a foam, winter rated
    • Seating system - to make a seat of your air mattress (optional)
    • Tent shoes – insulated for getting around camp
    • Expedition weight down jacket/parka
    • Duffel bag for non-skiing gear, please do not bring a suit-case
    • Extra water bottle/thermos
    • Pee bottle (1 – 1,5L – wide opening, well-marked) (optional)
    • Toiletries; Toothbrush, ear plugs etc. 
    • Any medication
    • Aperitif or other heart-warming spirits (optional)
    • Change of clothes –e.g. long sleeve underwear
    • For your own wellbeing and safety we strongly suggest following the advice of our equipment list. The weather in Greenland is generally very stable and good but cold, please come prepared as our options to fix gear and clothing issues once in Greenland are limited

    Practical information: 
    Luggage: Luggage limitations in the flight to Greenland is 15 kg. It is good to have trekking shoes or boots to travel in, use in the evening at camps and in the visit to the village at the end of the tour.  Only bring outdoor clothing to Greenland.  In Greenland we will walk on skis strait from the Airport and the outdoor clothing is practical in the Inuit village at the end of the tour.
    It is best to pack in a duffel bag and backpack that can be used for day touring. The duffel bag is carried in a sledge that we pull after us during the tour.
    To get the most out of the limited baggage that is allowed in the airplane and in the helicopter all participants must have one handbag. Ski boots can be taken as handbags or one bag/small rucksack of 6 kg and max size 55x35x25 cm. Extra luggage can be left with Icelandic Mountain Guides at the airport and it will be brought back to the airport in the end of the tour. 

    Should you have any questions regarding this equipment list or the equipment on our tours feel free to contact

For availability and more information about this tour please contact us.