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    Greenland Tours and Expeditions

    Imagine a country where steep granite mountains descend straight into the sea and white icebergs float on deep fjords, reflecting their images on a calm blue ocean. Envision a country where the local people still honor their roots and uphold the customs that helped them survive in an extremely hostile environment. A country that is truly pure. That country is Greenland, home to the Earth's second biggest ice field covering over 1.800.000 square kilometers, it is the place where the sun does not set in the summer months. It is the country where the view from one mountain top shows endless rows of peaks and valleys.

    Needless to say, at Icelandic Mountain Guides (IMG), we have been in love with this country since we read the adventures of Peter Freuchen and Knud Rasmusen during our childhood, dreaming about Greenland expeditions, mountaineering and great adventures.

    We have been operating Greenland tours since 1994 and our Greenland travel experience covers a wide range of tours - from small luxury incentive trips to hard core expeditions to the famous inland ice and its highest peaks. We have successfully lead 6 different expeditions across the Ice Cap, led climbs to Gunnbjornsfjeld and Mount Forel as well as guided hundreds of people on trekking, backpacking and ski tours during late winter and summer. We now, for the first time ever, proudly offer individual packages as well as new hiking and cross country skiing options!

    IMG has a reputation of professional service, safety, integrity and an excellent selection of tours. Our great reputation, coupled with the high frequency of flights offered by Air Iceland from Reykjavík to Greenland make Iceland the ideal base to start your Greenland tour and IMG is the ideal partner for a successful Greenland adventure!