7 Stunning Photos of Kayaking in Greenland

Kayaking Greenland
Photo: Brad Mitchell

Icebergs of All Different Sizes

When you go Kayaking in Greenland, it’s you, kayak and nature (and paddle, of course).  You will be struck by the silence, and you will be struck by many other things too, things that are particular to Kayaking in Greenland.

We managed to think of at least 8 excellent things that make kayaking in Greenland totally awesome. All you have to do is scroll down a tiny bit and look at some pretty pictures. Be our guest...

Silence and Ice

Where else can you can you get silence and ice? This isn’t regular ice either, this is monumental ice.  When kayaking in Greenland, the ice flows and it’s always changing. No two days are the same. So, of course, no two kayak trips are the same. 


Photo: Mads Pihl

A kayak among huge icebergs near Illorsuit in Greenland

There is also the question of scale and a sense of humility: how would it make you feel to drift and paddle past a piece of ice that is at least 1000 times larger than you from the surface? And then you fathom that it’s 900% larger from the bottom. Let that sink in. 

Because Brad had an amazing time!

You go Kayaking in Greenland for experiences like Brad’s, who was featured as our Pioneer of the Month, and had this to say: 

I'll always remember […] paddling through icebergs of all different shapes, sizes and colors. Some looked like deep blue glass, some had little flat-topped mushroom towers, some had stripes of black sand running through them, some had waterfalls pouring off their vertical faces.

Brad Mitchell

Kayaking in Greenland
Photo: Brad Mitchell

Gazing out Across the Vastness

An Ancient Way of Life

Kayaking in Greenland means stepping into an ancient way of life, some of the first technologies of the first Inuit settlers of Greenland. The word kayak or “qajaq” actually means "man's boat" or "hunter's boat" and stems from one of the 14 dialects of the Inuit-Yupik-Unangan family of languages. To go kayaking in Greenland is to understand Greenlandic history.

Photo: Mads Pihl

A kayaker from Sisimiut in Greenland rolling his traditional kayak

Understand the Greenlandic Way

Kayaking in Greenland is a link to the past, a cultural symbol that resonates through generations of Greenlanders. To go kayaking in Greenland is to understand Greenland a little better. 

Epic Fjords

As if the ice peaks right next to you weren’t enough, how about the epic, majestic rocky fjords on either side? These rocky faces add an extra dimension to the experience of being out in the wilderness. On the trip, you will be going down into the bottom of them, and then camping in them!


So you’re paddling past, minding your own business, and a humpback whale as it blows water 5 meters into the air? Kayaking in Greenland brings you close to all of the amazing summer wildlife that comes to Greenland.

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Lastly, all of the above mean that mean you get a meaningful, intimate and unique experience out in nature. This is so important in a world where we have become increasingly separated from nature by technology. It is our hope that Kayaking in Greenland can connect you in a way you never imagined, or to re-connect you if you’ve been away for a while. Join us.

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