The Amazing Arctic Animals of Greenland

Photo: Alan Wilson

Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus)

The largest island in the world is home to a vast array of flora and fauna. From polar bears to ptarmigan, you're bound to spot something fantastic!

By Land

The polar bear is the biggest predator and perhaps the essence of the term wildlife. The white polar bear adorns Greenland's national coat of arms as the symbol for an extensive country. The polar bears keep mainly to the north, and even though it does occur that they come further south after floating down with the sea ice, it is not one of the Arctic mammals that you usually see on a trip to Greenland. The northern part of Greenland is also a hideaway for the reclusive arctic wolf and the lemming.

On the east coast, close to Kangerlussuaq, you have great chances of seeing the largest land mammal on the island, the musk ox. A herd of nearly 3000 musk oxen can be found very close to the Kangerlussuaq Airport. Reindeer can also be seen on the West coast as they migrate seasonally settling in the summer in their calving grounds near the ice cap. The scavenging arctic foxes sometimes pop up around or outside of town, but good luck spotting the arctic hare with their bright white coats against the snow.

By Sea

The seas around Greenland are rich in wildlife. Greenlandic waters have 15 different species of whale, but the most seen are the humpback whale, minke and fin whale. You can see them in boats, from the shore or even from your hotel room! Greenland also has seals, northern walruses and narwhals. The seas are full of life. And so are the rivers in Greenland. In remote mountain valleys with pristine fast-flowing rivers you can in the clear water see big amounts of arctic char. A paradise for anglers. You might even want to try to catch an arctic char with your bare hands like the locals do.

Photo: Mads Pihl

A Pod of Orcas In Greenland

By Air

The Nattoralik or the white tailed eagle is the king of the Greenlandic skies, but it is just one of the many species of birds on the island. Although a majority of the birds are migratory, Greenland does boast at least 60 species of full timers. Auks, falcons, owls, geese, eider duck and ptarmigan are all part of Greenland's diverse, wild scenery.

From Greenland Adventures, we hope you have enjoyed this brief description of just a few of the magical things you can experience in Greenland. We invite you to join us for a tour, so that you can experience the magic first hand. Cheers!

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