Greenland Unplugged

Vast, Silent and Unplugged

Smog filled air. Traffic-jammed highways. Deadlines. Grocery store lines. The list could go on and on...Sometimes you just want to wipe it all away and open a door to nothing but the clear blue sky and the unadulterated earth. Turn the volume off on all the beeps and buzzes and television commercials and just breathe in some crisp, clean air and leave it all behind.

The most remote place I've been to was in Greenland. I remember setting out for a solo hike from a small cabin, itself several hours' boat ride from the nearest settlement.

Michelle Paver

There is no place on earth quite like Greenland. This, world's largest island, also happens to be one of the least populated nations on the planet. One of the few remaining frontiers where the earth is left largely to just be the earth. Where you can go outside and hear the wind, look up at night sky and see every star, and be humbled by nature's bigness and magic. There is no better cure for the chaotic overstimulation of our everyday lives than the freedom that comes from letting it all go. Nature soothes, centers and rejuvenates. Greenland is nature in it's purest form. Here are some of our tours that we think will bring you closest to the essence of Greenland, far away from it all!

Unplugged Wilderness

The wilderness of Greenland is an elixir for the wired world to which we've all become so accustomed. A place where you can still rise to the sun, no alarm clock needed. Immerse yourself fully in the adventure of the day without a single email distraction. Allow the brilliant composition of the scenery around you to hold your attention far more acutely than any screen ever could. Eat and drink with friends that have shared the day's trials and accomplishments, no cell phones required.  Exploring this vast country will heighten your senses and clear your head from the business of the everyday. An excellent way to really feel ‘away from it all’ is to check out our Unplugged Wilderness Tour. This 12 day trek around eastern Greenland is for those who, by definition, don't follow the crowd. Camp in the remote wilderness and explore the epic majesty of this vast land. Experience the immensity of the icebergs and ice fjords close up, hike up to the rugged, pristine glaciers, and just let yourself breath the fresh air.

Icefjord & Remote Village

Greenland is home to some pretty hardy folk. But none more hardy than the extremely isolated Inuit of the Ammassalik region. At just a bit over 100 km south of the Arctic circle and surrounded by dramatic mountains and the ice-filled ocean these locals survive primarily by hunting and fishing as they have for generations. Our Icefjord & Remote Village Tour is perfect for the adventurers who want to experience a unique culture up close while taking in the immense beauty of Greenland while hiking through the impressive backcountry of East Greenland. On this 10 day basecamp hiking tour you will skirt the high arctic peaks and see the amazing ice fjords, while spending your nights in three of the most remote villages in Greenland. With their colorful houses and intricate crafts, this is truly a once in a lifetime chance to see such an unique culture and nature!

The Hidden Gems: Don't Miss them!

Greenland will give your spirit the sabbatical it has been begging you for. Truly vast, silent and unplugged, there is no greater place on earth to turn the hustle and bustle off and take a moment (or 12 days!) to celebrate the magic that this magnificent country provides!

In a land that is around 836,300 mi² , where less than 57,000 people live, it's not exactly difficult to find your peace and quiet. But there still are a few even more out of the way hidden gems to be found in this big land. Eastern Greenland is incredibly sparsely populated, with it's few towns and villages isolated from the outside world. Here, is a chance to see the true authenticity of the locals and fully immerse yourself in culture and nature. Our Hidden Gems Tour will take you to two islands off of the eastern coast - Kulusuk and Aputsiaajik, where you can experience camping out under the golden light of the midnight sun, explore the hunting village of Kulusuk and take in all of the amazing arctic flora and fauna of eastern Greenland. Get a great overview of Greenland with out Greenland Highlights, where you can sail over to Tasiilaq by sea or air, sail around the Knud Rasmusson glacier, visit an abadoned WWII airfield and walk through the flower valley over 5 days.

Wherever you go in Greenland and whatever you decide, go forth, unplug and be a pioneer!

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