Cross Country Skiing in the Vast Backcountry of Greenland

Ancient. Modern. Liberating.

The word "ski" has interesting origins: means "sticks of wood" in old norse.

Cross-country skiing is skiing at a whole new level. Instead of pre-determined pistes and mechanical lifts, you travel across the snow and climb to ideal locations.

This allows the skier to explore the most beautiful and exclusive parts of any terrain usually inaccessible to tourists. As if Greenland wasn't remote enough, cross-country skiing allows you to get to the most remote parts of an already remote territory. 

Often skiing is done at ski resorts specifically designed for individuals to ski down mountain sides. Cross-country skiing goes back to the roots of the practice as a historic form of transportation. Cross-country skiing is what skiing was originally developed for: the purposes of traveling across snow for long distances. 

Ski in Greenland.

Greenland has the perfect terrain for cross-country skiing. Cross-country skiing is an excellent and exhilarating way to experience Greenland. Greenland Adventures have a wide range of tours available to the medium-to-experienced cross-country skier. We have excellent guides who will determine the best routes to take and scout out the best places to enjoy the magnificent scenery and views.

Find yourself.

Our tours extend 6 to 8 days long and range between moderate and demanding difficulty. Longer durations and difficult terrain mean that our tours are for individuals who have some experience in cross-country skiing as well as are in good health. For the ultra-adventurous, there is an 18 day cross country skiing expedition between isolated inuit villages along ancient dog sledding trails. 

Be a Pioneer.

Cross-country skiing is one of the best ways to get away from more commercialized tours, allowing the adventurer to go off the beaten paths, cross virgin powder into the vast and remote Greenlandic backcountry and really experience all that Greenland has to offer. For more information regarding the cross-country ski tours that we offer, please check out our Ski Tours page.


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