Top 6 Winter Activities in Greenland

Photo: Mads Pihl

When the temperatures drop and the waters begin to freeze, the winter in Greenland presents many opportunities for winter activities: but what should you do?  To give you an idea, here are our top 6 winter activities for Greenland:

1. Dog Sledding

Photo: Mads Pihl

Of all of the experiences that you could possible have on a visit to Greenland, dog sledding is, in our opinion the most important, and east Greenland is a great base form which to do that. The Greenlandic dog is a large husky-type dog, an ancient breed valued for its strength in ability to pull carts and for hunting.  Their howl gives you a sense of how wolf-like they are. 

2. Northern Lights

Photo: Andre Schoenherr

Greenland is an epic northern lights destination: the town of Kangerlussuaq, population 499, gets 300 days of clear skies a year and it also has easy access to the Greenlandic ice cap. This is why we call Greenland the "Lord of the Lights", and we have written a whole blog post with some extra details to fill you in on some of the science of the spectacle as well as some historical background information.

3. Alpine skiing

Photo: Mads Pihl

Swooping down into a deep valley from top to fjord down a towering arctic peak on virgin powder all the way through, its no wonder that Greenland is a prime alpine skiing destination. It's silent, it's remote, and it's yours for the taking. 

4. Snowshoeing

Photo: Mads Pihl

For those with a more gentle disposition, showshoeing is an ancient practice where inuits made wood-framed shoes with a weave mesh with a much wider surface area than their own feet. Nowadays, the technology is more modern, and snowshowing is one of the fastest growing winter sports. It allows you to cover wide territory with a relatively gentle pace. Think hiking on snow without your feet sinking in at every step.

5. Snowmobiling

Photo: Mads Pihl

For those looking for a more fast-paced way to experience Greenland, snow mobiling is a great option. Snowmobiles have become as essential part of life in Greenland allowing transport links.  Tasiilaq in East Greenland has a large accessible expanse of backcountry, making it the perfect spot to race out there and get to the perfect hillside. The backcountry promises more fresh powder than you could possible dream of, and will certianly leave you wanting more. 

6. Helicopter tour

Photo: Jan Zelina

On the opposite end of the spectrum, taking a helicopter tour of the ice cap for a magnificant aerial perspective surely features as one of the those bucket-list-tick-off moments. The helicopter even lands on the glacier so you can stand, feel and experience it on a very personal level before swooping back over the pack ice back to base.

Be a Pioneer!

To help you realise your Greenlandic dreams, Greenand Adventures has a number of yours that neatly wrap up some of these key experiences, such as Ice, Dogs and Northern Lights or The Remote Peaks of Greenland.  Whatever you decide to do on your winter Greenlandic adventure, be bold, be powerful and be a pioneer!

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