Guided Vs. Self-Guided Tours: What's The Difference?

Photo: Mads Pihl

At first glance, you might be thinking, how can a self-guided tour be a tour at all? Well, that’s why we put together this little blog post to help clarify things, and to help you choose between them.

What’s the difference?

Guided tour: you start and finish the tour with the guide and you are accompanied by them for the whole trip. Guided tours will see you doing more specialised activities for a greater part of the time.

Self guided tour: you start the trip on your own with all of the transfers and logistics taken care of. If you like you can be met by a guide on location for a specific activity.

Photo: Mads Pihl

How does a self guided tour work?

A self-guided tour has quite a lot less guiding in it. But it isn't necessarily completely guide-less.  For example, If you set out on a self-guided tour, you might want to do some skiing  or some other activity that requires some specialised knowledge or equipment, in which case you would need a guide. So, you can be met by a guide for those things, then you’re are solo once more. 

When you confirm a trip with us, you will get an information pack with your itinerary, detailed road books, arranged travel plans, transfers and accommodations. We take care of all of the logistics. We even throw in an insider tip or two!

Want to add anything else onto the tour? That can most likely be arranged by our team. Flights to and from Greenland are included in self-guided tours. 

Want to spend more time there? That’s no problem either! Tack on an extra few days if you simply want to wander around the ice fjord in Ilulissat; you might even catch a whale or two!

Photo: Mads Pihl

What about a guided tour?

A guided tour sees you being accompanied by a guide for the duration of your trip. Do you want to spend a few days ski touring or cross country skiing? Are you interested in dog sledding and catching some Northern Lights? If you are activity-focused, a guided tour will likely be best for you since these require special skills and equipment.  Flights to and from Greenland are not included in guided tours.

Photo: Mads Pihl

How to decide? 

So these are the considerations if you are choosing a guided vs. self-guided tour in Greenland. Do you still have any questions?  Feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call on +354 587 9999

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