What to do: Kulusuk - tips from a local!

Kulusuk Village © Einar Torfi Finnsson

We have been going on day trips and multiple day trips to our friendly neighbor, Kulusuk. Kulusuk is a small village in east Greenland, and is one of the two airports on the east coast.

It is just 1,5 hours flying from Reykjavík, but you will definitely be amazed over the difference in landscape and culture.

Hiking, cultural seightseeing, dogsledding, snowmobiling and snowshoeing.

Take a walk down to the harbor, where you most likely will meet one of the great hunters of the village. Kulusuk is home to many great hunters that provide the village and their families with birds, seals, whales, polar bears and all kinds of Greenlandic delicacies. This is a huge part of the Greenlandic culture, and also what the locals pride themselves with. There is no holiday or big event without a buffet with all kinds of Greenlandic cuisine for everyone to enjoy. And everyone is welcome to fish by the harbour if you have some fishing gear with you!

Kulusuk Village © Einar Torfi Finnsson

Take a walk through the village

Northern lights can in some months be an almost daily sight. The colorful dancing lights lightening up the dark months, just get more and more beautiful for everytime you see them. So taking a quick walk watching the amazing arctic night-sky can lead to unforgettable moments!

Kulusuk museum © Einar Torfi Finnsson

Local Museum & Church

I highly recommend paying the museum a visit if you really want to experience the cultural side of the village as well, with anything from bone-carvings to handmade accessories. You might just find yourself a perfect souvenir to bring back home. A memory that will last forever. The church is definitely a must see, being right by the shore and is located not far from the statue of the late Milka Miilikka Kuitse, who was one of the individuals who fought to preserve one of the most important traditions in inuit culture - drum dancing. Drum dancing was made forbidden by missionaries, but Miilikka went against the foreigners and kept dancing. What a woman! And who knows, maybe you will catch a glimpse of someone performing a drum-dance by the statue as well!

Drum-dancing © Einar Torfi Finnsson


If you're lucky, you will even catch a kaffemik. A kaffemik is a tradition in Greenland, where families invite everyone for a gathering in connection with big events like confirmations, baptisms, weddings, bithdays and first school days. In kaffemiks everyone is welcome, there will be greenlandic cuisine, cakes, coffee and tea and ofcourse soft drinks for the kids. The locals are super friendly and they always have a story or two about the culture and heritage! What better way to get information than straight from the source?


During the winter, dogsledding is a must do if you are visiting Kulusuk. It is even possible to take a dog-sled from the airport to the main part of the village! On the way you are guaranteed to see glorious mountains, a bunch of small colorful houses and the sweet locals. If you are more of an do-it-yourself kind of a person, put on some snowshoes and you got yourself a trip! Kulusuk is a perfect place to go cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Dogsledding © Einar Torfi Finnsson

Multiple day trips

If you are taking a multiple day trip, I highly recommend to go see one (or more)  of the other small villages around (Kuummiut, Sermiligaaq, Tiniteqilaaq, Isertoq) and going to Tasiilaq. Tasiilaq is the main town on the east coast, and has approximately 2000 inhabitants. You can find a museum, a beautiful church and a bunch of smiling kids playing everywhere around the town. In Tasiilaq, you can also find Naasuliardarpi (valley of flowers) where you can go on a beautiful hike during summer and an amazing snowshoe trip during the winter.

Tasiilaq harbor © Einar Torfi Finnsson

Nunaddinni digidduaritsi! / Welcome to our land!

Written by: Ajaana Olsvig Kristjánsdóttir

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